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Problem Solving For Work Related Issues

A workplace conflict (WPC) results when two or more people knowingly or not, have a difference of opinions, objectives or maybe goals, that causes enough friction between the parties, to interfere with their performance or optimal health in the workplace. The conflict itself is not really a problem. The problem is caused when we ignore conflict or when we do not address it effectively. No two employees are the same; we are individuals, all different and unique. We have different ideas, opinions, personalities and reactions usually based on our upbringing and environment. This is normal; after all, a field of wild flowers with different colours and fragrances is more enjoyable than a field of dandelions all the same. It's really how we handle our differences that will determine whether our working relationships will be effective.

As an employee, you have a responsibility to maintain a professional working relationship with your coworkers. This relationship allows you to work collaboratively with other employees to carry on the mission, vision and mandate of your company, which is paying your salary in return for your performance and productivity. If you don't deal with conflict effectively it could affect your performance and also it could affect your physical, emotional, intellectual, social and/or spiritual health. When you are experiencing conflict you don't feel great about it. It becomes emotionally stressful and can completely occupy your mind. If this sounds like you and you want to address your conflict, this e-book is the solution for you.

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