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We offer a large variety of training courses including customized training designed with you in mind. Our training ranges from 3 hour to three-day workshops in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Mediation, Workplace Conferencing and Effective Presentation skills.

We teach our clients using a combination of theory, practical and interactive role-plays. Your final practice role-play may be one of your own choosing from your personal or professional life. Professional coaches will guide you through the role-plays and provide constructive feed back.

You will leave our training course with enhanced abilities and a reference booklet to assist you with your future challenges. The objective of our training is to provide you with new information and processes to help you improve the skill sets you have already acquired through life's experiences.

1. Negotiation Preparation - 3 hour workshop

2. Conflict Resolution Skills - 1 day workshop

3. Interest Based Negotiation Skills - 2.5 day workshop

4. Workplace Conferencing - 2 day workshop

5. Mediation - 3 day workshop

If you think a training workshop or any of our services can help your employees, supervisors or managers, Please contact us: about our custom training courses.

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