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Problem Solving For Friends

SHARE THIS INFORMTION WITH YOUR FRIENDS. When we have good friends it can be the most wonderful experience in the world. Someone you care for, cherish and respect. Someone that you can depend on through thick and thin, rain or shine, sleet and snow for almost anything at any time. Yes this is a good friend. Sometimes a lifetime can go by and neither friend has confided in the other how they feel about their relationship. Friends are not usually relatives and not usually romantically involved; they are just good friends. Good friends have a lot in common. They speak the truth to one another, hurtful or not. They continually share, always thinking of the other when they should be thinking of themselves. True friends get past the personality quirks, the bad attitudes and sometimes the unknowingly inconsiderate behaviours. True friends seldom see the bad in their friends and when they do they forgive and forget. After all, they are true friends.

True friends are
most important in life!
They make you live longer
by adding some spice.

Unfortunately, sometimes we experience an incident, a situation that somehow is different than the others and it has affected our long-term FRIENDSHIP. A silly argument, statement or conflict just happened. You don't even know why or where it came from. It just accidentally happened. Your feelings are hurt. Your emotions are running high. Your ego is damaged and you are sitting in the valley alone. It's not nice in the valley. So if you want to address your conflict and regain that wonderful friendship, this e-book may be for you.

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