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Problem Solving For Couples

When we fall in love or perceive to fall in love, initially we may have been attracted to each other because of external traits (looks, dress & personality). They say love is blind and after awhile these attractions may not be strong enough to keep our bond together. That's when we start to take a closer look at each other. We begin to take a closer look at our communications and behaviours especially if we are co-habitating. We begin to examine each other's core values, such as honesty, respect, faithfulness, compassion and integrity. The way we treat our partner and the way our partner treats us becomes paramount in the relationship. It is usually at this point in the relationship when someone is perceived to, or may in fact have violated the unwritten values. It is usually a violation of these values that cause early conflict in relationships. Don't forget no one is perfect, "until you fall in love." The search for that perfect mate can be very challenging. It's during these times that our expectations are very high and our opinions, objectives and behaviours sometimes arrive at a crossroads. This is known as the first serious conflict, disagreement, argument, fight or lovers quarrel.

All couples have some type of conflict. It is common. The question is, "Do I want to address the conflict, try to resolve our problems and continue the relationship?" If the answer is yes, this e-book can assist you.

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