Solve Your Own Problems... Self Help E-Book:

Assisting Two or More Employees Solve Their Problem

"The Mediator"

I’m the boss. Why should I help employees solve their work related problems? What’s in it for me? Good questions and the answers are, recognition, praise, attention, promotion, financial gain and great feelings.

You choose to become a mediator to provide an empowered environment for your employees to help them produce their best product for the organization. This will also influence your managers in a positive way.

You want your managers to notice your good work for internal and external rewards such as praise, promotion and financial gain.

You want recognition, praise, promotion and financial gains to provide a better lifestyle.

You want a better lifestyle for yourself, family and friends.

You want a better lifestyle because it makes you think positive and experience great feelings.

Positive thinking and great feelings give you an internal strength to focus on being a better leader.

These are some of the reasons why supervisors become mediators.

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