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"The Negotiator"

So you want to be the boss. Being a supervisor is one of the most challenging roles in the universe. You are expected to lead employees and to help them achieve their goals. In addition, you must promote the mission and vision of the organization while modeling core values. You not only have to solve your own problems but in addition the employees expect you to solve their problems. After all, you are the boss and the boss knows and can do anything. Unfortunately, supervisors, no matter whom, male or female, young or old, aren't born with problem solving skills.

Most supervisors are promoted to the role because they were the best worker, doing the best job. They have strong work ethics and can do the job effectively by themselves. The skills to problem solve must be learned and practiced. Right now, when you hear the words conflict or problems, or you have a difficult employee, you probably think, oh no, not again, the same old trouble, why me. After completing this exercise, when you hear the word, "conflict" you should automaticly think of the word, "solutions." An effective supervisor is expected to solve his/her own problems. Supervisors usually have to deal with two major types of problems:

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