What is Workplace Conferencing?

Workplace Conferencing (WC) is a seven phase problem solving process used to identify and collaboratively resolve workplace related issues.

Facilitators assist the group by:

  1. Creating Awareness of the process and what it involves
  2. Group acceptance
  3. Commence some action
  4. Evaluation, reframe and present results
  5. Collaborative solutions
  6. Implement Solutions
  7. Follow up

Why do we invite WPC into the workplace?

    1. To manage the level of conflict in order to maintain a positive workplace environment.
    2. Prevent further escalation of conflict.
    3. To allow employees & supervisors to vent their feelings and perceptions and be given an opportunity to change behaviors.
    4. To enhance group and individual performance.

There is a cost to conflict in the workplace.

    1. Some of these costs are measurable. Some of them are not!
    2. No one really can determine total costs!

We can conduct the workplace conference for your group or we can train some of your employees to conduct their own Workplace Conference.

See our ebooks on solving conflict with co-workers or for mangers; between two employees or a manager & employee or use workplace confrencing to identify and collaboratively resolve workplace related issues.

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